What will develop at CBFIC with community support?

  firetower Capital Projects:

1. Construct an entry portal.

2. Install a display panel at the north end of the shelter

3. Convert the picnic shelter into a display center

4. Create an interpretive garden  of “fire-safe” plants around the shelter

5. Provide water and electrical service to the shelter

6. Finish making the interpretive trail and amphitheater accessible to visitors with physical challenges

         firetower  Personnel
 Professional staff of paid employees and volunteers, operating in a self-sustaining capacity  through cooperation with other public agencies and private partnerships.


        firetower The Dream
 Document Explaining CBFIC Dream

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    firetower Partnerships: Move the Entiat Historical site projects to the CB site

    firetower Verbal Interpretation: lectures * forums * panel discussions * tours * special speakers

    firetower Multi-media Interpretation: lookout towers * maps * videos * historic photographs *   rotating displays/exhibits * historical documentation * research information * reference library

    firetower Interactive Interpretation: self-guided tours * antique & contemporary equipment *   informative performances * demonstrations * fireside chats

   firetower Training: Ongoing training for fire fighting agencies * School field trips *Teacher   education

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