Columbia Breaks

Fire Interpretive Center

Educational Opportunities

Located at the Interpretive Center, this nature walk for students and adults, is a self-guided .5 mile, 30-minute walk. It shows how wildfire has shaped the eastside forests and how people, past and present, respond to this wildfire environment.

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Wildfire Ecology Curriculum


New award-winning dvd: “Fire Lookouts: A National Treasure” that highlights the history of fire lookouts and features the lifestyle and responsibilities of fire lookout, Bill Austin on the Goat Mountain Lookout in the North Cascades.

  • This curriculum is targeted towards 6th-8th grade students but may be adapted for younger and older learners. It consists of:

  • A curriculum guide with 9 lessons and pre/post assessments, and with all the supporting materials needed to teach each lesson

  • A video, “Burning Issues,” that uses dramatic fire footage to discuss fire ecology and the history of fire management

  • A “wildfire box” containing the hands-on artifacts needed to teach each lesson

Opportunities for school-related field trips